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TotalRecipeSearch is a handy little browser toolbar used to search for and save recipes.

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Are you a food lover or just want to prepare something different, try TotalRecipeSearch Toolbar and find most appetizing recipes.

Why use TRS Toolbar?

TotalRecipeSearch is easy to download, friendly and easy to use.

It has very large library, thousands of creative recipes are literally at your disposal to add your own personal touch to your cooking. In addition to delicious recipes, TotalRecipeSearch gives you access to a convenient web search function.

Is there anything better than FREE recipes stored on one place, ready to explore it with a touch of a button?

total recipe search toolbar

What you will get once you download your free recipes toolbar:

  • RECIPE SEARCH: Choose from over a million savoury selections for any meal
  • RECIPE OF THE DAY: Sample new dishes each and every day with recipes from food network
  • NEW RECIPES: Experiment with freshly crafted recipes care of epicurious.
  • HEALTHY MEALS: Create the perfect dish for any occasion with these healthful suggestions
  • DESSERTS: Add the perfect finishing touch to a delicious dinner with these sweet treats




Following these 4 steps and you will get your FREE Total Recipe Search Toolbar installed on your computer in a less than a minute.

So recap, visit download page clicking it on the link bellow:

Click on download button where you will be asked if you want to install additional useful program. If you don’t want it just uncheck it and continue to download process. It will finish in a few moments after that you need to restart ONLY browser. You don’t need to turn off your computer.

Click the TotalRecipeSearch button that you install on your browser and start searching for tasty meal ideas right now.

Good appetite!



Access 1000+ online FREE recipes

postheadericon COOKING CAN BE FUN!

Do you know that cooking can be fun? Imagine you invite your best friends to your place for a dinner and they get surprised when see your master piece. Can you imagine it? Well, I surely can because I did it and not only once.

What can you tell me about picture you see on the left? 4 kg of SKAMPI was gone in less than 15 minutes and was asked for more.

Or what do you say about the picture below? Tuna steaks on barbecue; delicious!

Or maybe chicken made on special Mediterranean way…

All this special recipes you can find on the Internet for certain price. Foolish!!! I get them for FREE and with Total Recipe Search Toolbar is even fun.

Total Recipe Search Toolbar is MUST-HAVE extension for any food lover.


Access 1000+ online FREE recipes


By all means and methods, now cooks can get instructions, video clips and descriptions of how to prepare meals. It has never been easier to make homemade food. Get away from the fast food habit. It’s healthier to eat at home, with ingredients that you can control.

Did you ever search on the web for some recipe for meals you wanted to make?

How many times you open a webpage with content selling recipes, hundred times. And now I’m telling you:

Why buy recipes on the Internet while you can get your own recipe book for FREE.

Using the online toolbar with Total Recipe is so easy. Search by the main ingredient and find tons of delicious recipes to try plus find out those rated with 4 or 5 stars so you can be sure you find good one.



Access 1000+ online FREE recipes


total recipe search toolbarBy the mid 20th century, there were thousands of cookery and recipe books available. The next revolution came with the introduction of the TV cooks. The first TV cook in England was Fanny Craddock who had her show on the BBC, later followed by chefs such as Graham Kerr (known as the Galloping Gourmet). These TV cookery programs brought the recipes of these cooks to a new audience who were keen to try out new ways of cooking. In the early days, the recipes were available by post from the BBC and later with the introduction of the CEEFAX text on screen system; they became available on the television. The new companies of Channel 4 and S4C also brought recipes to the television with their own text system called ORACLE.

In the early 21st century, there has been a renewed focus on cooking at home due to the late-2000s recession.

Television networks such as the Food Network and magazines are still a major source of recipe information, with international cooks and chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray having prime-time shows and backing them up with Internet websites giving the details of all their recipes. Internet sites such as AllRecipes, Epicurious and Food Network have become extremely popular destinations to find recipe information, as well as mobile applications. Even reality TV shows such as Top Chef or Iron Chef challenged the idea of culinary arts by having chefs compete against each other in culinary challenges. Internet sites are a free source of many recipes.

Recipes – for the most part – missed the Web 2.0 innovation spurt, possibly a lingering effect from early food web failures such as Webvan. By 2010, with a renewed sense of innovation and optimism in the technology world, there were a new crop of recipe sites that were using semantic, social, and communal principles to advance the category online.

Access 1000+ online FREE recipes